MYOB Bookkeeper Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership of the MYOB Bookkeeper program, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • MYOB Bookkeepers need to be able to demonstrate they have the skills and work experience necessary to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Already be a bookkeeper in private practice in Australia with external third party clients. (Employee bookkeepers are not eligible.)
  • Be proficient in using MYOB business management software.
  • Be able to demonstrate working knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and concepts.

Please note: MYOB does not provide any specific courses to train individuals to become an MYOB Bookkeeper. We require you to demonstrate the skills and experience working with MYOB business management software and other business applications outlined above.
Our training department does run courses that may assist in your product knowledge enhancement. Visit our Training pages for more information.

For information regarding application, please download the Bookkeepers Application Form

Application process and costs

Become an MYOB Bookkeeper in four easy steps:

Step 1: Ensure you meet the membership criteria

Step 2: Register your interest

MYOB will then contact you shortly afterward. Alternatively, you can submit the Bookkeepers Application Form

Step 3: Gather your documents

Gather your documents including:

  • A copy of your business letterhead 
  • A copy of your Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation

Step 4: Take up membership:

Upon proving your eligibility to become an MYOB Bookkeeper, you can start practicing.  Shortly after paying your monthly membership fee of $107.00 (incl GST) per month, MYOB will send you the tools and resources you need for your business success.

For further information, please call the MYOB Partner Team
on 1300 555 117 or email us at


Membership is available to bookkeepers in private practice working with third-party clients. Monthly membership fee is $107.00 (incl GST). You can choose to make monthly payments via direct debit from credit card or from your bank account.