Who We Support

Read up on our support initiatives to see who we support, and the great work they’re doing. 


LMBDW is a fast-growing community of over 120,000 entrepreneurial women who have started or are thinking of starting a business.

For the second year, MYOB is partnering with the LMBDW community to provide a variety of events, content and helpful business support to help these women succeed.

Read more from LMBDW’s first ever global conference here


I-Manifest is an NGO which uses creativity to empower youth to find their passion and live their purpose. 

MYOB is proud to support I-Manifest micro-schools, helping the “change-makers” of tomorrow.

Students aged 14 to 18 were selected from schools in Western Sydney to participate in a workshop which exposed them to the future of technology, including virtual reality, augumented reality and artificial intelligence. 

The workshop event, The School of Future Tech, was hosted by MYOB and I-Manifest and explored how technology will have an impact on work, daily life and relationships.

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