Sam Wood on his move from trainer to tech entrepreneur

Before Sam Wood’s appearance on The Bachelor, he was described by the show’s host, Osher Günsberg, as “the kind of guy you would want to be mates with. His down-to-earth approach to life conceals a driven businessman, someone who has worked hard to build a great life for himself.”

Spend a moment in Wood’s company, and it quickly becomes apparent that’s true; because while parts of his story will be familiar to anyone brave enough to start their own business, what makes Sam Wood unique is his approach.

Once he has a goal in mind, he’s like a dog with a bone (just like his best buddy, Hendrix!).

Passionate about fitness from an early age, Sam got his start after being inspired by Craig Harper who opened Australia’s first personal training studio. “He was a real pioneer of the industry,” says Wood.

“Craig came up to Ballarat, where I was doing my Human Movement Degree and did a talk and I realised there and then – PT is what I wanted to do. So, I asked him if I could do work experience.”

The only problem? Harper’s studio was in Brighton, over 130kms away. “He was pretty honest, saying the distance wouldn’t make it work, but I was pretty persistent,” Sam laughs.

"28 launched & things went absolutely bananas."

Seventeen years on, and Wood is now proud owner of The Woodshed, and the mega-successful online fitness program, 28 by Sam Wood which reaches around 15,000 members around the globe every month.

“I didn’t set out to launch an online program when I went on The Bachelor, I wanted to find love. But the penny dropped after hundreds of people sent me emails asking for recipe tips and training advice.

“Suddenly, there was my opportunity and I realised I could scale my PT business quickly,” says Sam. There’s that drive again.

"You don’t wanna be spending hours finding things out."

Since launching his online program in 2016, 28 by Sam Wood has grown exponentially. With that came the focus on ensuring the right talent and tools were in place to thrive in the tech world.

"With 28 growing the way it is, it's absolutely critical that we have something that can keep up.  MYOB has everything we need, and the fact that it's all online, and we're an online business - the two just marry well together."

“No paper trails, no confusion, everything syncs in together. It’s literally just log on, you can find your information, we match that up with our online payment gateway, and that’s kind of the check. Are the two in alignment? If they are, then we know the business is running the way it needs to,” says Wood.

For Sam, no two weeks are the same. His commitments take him all around the country from 28 by Sam Wood meet-ups and TV appearances, to keynote speaking at tech conferences. Being able to collaborate with his advisors on the go is important.

“The good thing about MYOB being in the cloud is, I can access it whenever I want, wherever I want, and so can my bookkeeper and so can my accountant."

"I can make more informed decisions, rather than shooting in the dark."

In the tech world, being agile can mean the difference between winning and losing clients. So, it was important that Wood can make decisions rapidly – based on real data, in real time. “As a data-oriented business, we need to know how many members we’ve got, what are they engaged with - and we need that information in real time.

"With MYOB, I can make informed decisions. rather than shooting in the dark," says Wood. Decisions, it seems, that have seen this down-to-earth entrepreneur’s businesses go from strength to strength. But of course, Sam Wood always wants to keep moving.

“What’s next for me? I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I love my job, I love bouncing out of bed every single day,” he smiles. “I just wanna keep helping as many people as possible!”

What Sam loves about MYOB

Sam on the cloud

Cloud connected

Sam can access his numbers anywhere – and so can his advisors.

“If my accountant and bookkeeper need info in front of them, it’s there at the touch of a button."

Sam on the go

Real-time reporting

Data is one of Sam’s most valuable assets, and it’s always at his fingertips.

“You need to see what’s working well, learn from it, and grow the business quickly.”

Sam chatting

Makes payroll easy

With 25 employees, having an integrated payroll solution makes it easy.

“Having great payroll tech like MYOB keeps things simple.”

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