How Lana Wilkinson went
from Office Job to Style Icon

The low-down on Lana

  • Always had a love for fashion
  • Started styling as a side job
  • Next is launching her business to another level
  • Loves real-time financials at her fingertips & MYOB’s five star Capture App.

Talking fashion, finances & the future with MYOB

Lana Wilkinson reviews a winter coat

Leading stylist and fashion influencer, Lana Wilkinson has earned her success through a combination of hard work, tenacity and living by one simple mantra: always make your clients feel like the best version of themselves.

But is it really as glamorous as it seems through the lens?

Hi, Lana. Is a career as a fashion stylist as seems glamourous as it seems?

Ha! Listen, I adore my job!

But the one thing people never see are the hours spent sourcing materials, picking things up, dropping them off…life is not as it looks on Instagram.

Like many other small business owners, this wasn’t your first role, was it?

No, I started off in an office job, in marketing. It was your average 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.  It’s where I cut my teeth, and I learnt valuable skills and experience I’m constantly applying in my own business today.

"I’d work late, come home and do my styling for free."

That’s quite a jump to celebrity stylist…

Well, I always loved fashion. I would work until late in the office, come home and do my blogging and styling for free after hours. This was pre-social media.

For the first three years I put the free in freelancer! 

What was your turning point?

When I first started styling, Instagram was still in its infancy…Facebook was kind of where it was at.

I quickly found through referral that a lot of people were engaging with me, wanting to find out where the clothes I was using were from, and what was going on behind the scenes of the whole thing.

"I first knew I was on to something styling a young Ruby Rose."

Lana loves that MYOB's mobile apps mean she can work on the go
Lana Wilkinson reviews a winter coat
What made you decide to make the leap and follow your passion full time?

It was a free gig styling a young Ruby Rose for COVET magazine. The dress I chose sold out as soon as the image went up.

It showed me there was a real opportunity to offer something different being a conduit between brand and customer.

Now you’re in more demand than ever.

For me, the key thing making everybody you work with feel like number one.

Your phone and laptop must be your office, how do you stay in control?

Ha ha. I have the perfect accounting accessory.

What I love about MYOB is that it gives me total visibility over what goes into a job so I can really articulate my value as a stylist.

"I quickly found a lot of people were engaging with me."

Great! Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with MYOB?

Buying product is a huge part of my job, and I have thousands of receipts in my car to keep track of.

But with MYOB, I can take a photo on my phone, and it loads straight into my accounts for me to allocate. Easy.

What’s next for Lana Wilkinson?

Lots more of what I’m doing now. But I do have an exciting product launch of my own pencilled in for the near future. So, stay tuned!

"The key is making everybody feel like number one."

Lana Wilkinson reviews a winter coat

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