Brooke Meredith on her journey from model to magazine mogul

As the passionate founder and Editor in Chief of A Conscious Collection, Brooke Meredith has quietly been going about the business of establishing herself as a glowing representation for wellness, and an advocate for healthy living. And it’s working too.

Brooke’s self-funded magazine attracts a large and loyal online readership, plus a host of Hollywood and Aussie A-listers clamouring to be involved in what she modestly calls, her “small publication.”

But like many business owners, Brooke discovered her passion through adversity.

“After training in Graphic Design, I was modelling overseas, and the lifestyle was causing major health changes as a result of a few food intolerances. So, I turned to a naturopath for help,” she explains.

"Sharing my recipes was a lightbulb moment for me.”

“He opened my eyes to the wonderful world I’m exposed to now, with whole foods and holistic healing, I had never been exposed to in the past. From there I used my new-found knowledge to change my eating habits.”

Brooke then enrolled in a nutrition course and started sharing recipes online – and just like that A Conscious Collection was conceived.

“Sharing my recipes was a lightbulb moment for me,” says Meredith. It made me see a gap in the market for a publication that advocates wellness and health – and that I had the knowledge and skills to build one.

Brooke now describes, A Conscious Collection as a platform. As well as online, the magazine is also available as an elegant print publication, while she plans to offer wellness retreats under the ACC brand in the near future.

However, success sometimes comes at a cost.

“I literally have no time to crunch the numbers.”

“I wear so many hats,” she says. “not only am I the Editor-in-Chief, I’m across every aspect of the business from content, sales, marketing and production. You name it, I do it. I don’t have three minutes."

While spreadsheets worked at the beginning, Brooke says that after a while, she did reach breaking point with her advisor. “He’ll kill me for saying this, but everything was so messy, I often joked that my accountant hates me,” she laughs.

Thankfully, Brooke is able to get some help with the admin after moving to MYOB. “I’m so hands-on with my business, I literally have no time to crunch the numbers,” she says. “Now I have the automation tools to stay on top of what’s coming in and going out.”

As an entrepreneur in the digital age, it’s important that Brooke’s business documents reflect her brand, too. “As a Graphic Designer, I’m a visual person so I appreciate how good MYOB makes me look to my clients, my mentors, and my accountant. The dashboards give you an easy view of everything too.

Brooke’s luxury lifestyle publication takes her to all corners of the globe and so being able to manage her accounts quickly and easily from wherever in the world she may be, is critical. “Whether I’m in Melbourne or Los Angeles, I can jump into my MYOB when I need to. Business doesn’t stop just because I’m not in the office every day.”

“MYOB automates the things you don’t have time to do.”

Now Brooke has more time to work on the things she needs to work on, rather than spending time on what should be automated from day one.

“That would be my advice to anyone else just starting out…spend time investing in the right tools from the start, and it will give the time to you need to build your business,” she says.

Now that’s a healthy outlook.

What Brooke loves about MYOB

Brooke automated

Accounts automated

Now Brooke has the smart tools she needs to automate the bookwork.

"Having MYOB in place keeps things consistent and takes away the things you don’t have time to do.”

Brooke loves the cloud

Work in the Cloud

Whether she’s in L.A. or Melbourne, Brooke can work with her accountant simultaneously.

“I don’t have to print out and highlight stuff, which is what I was doing.”

Design appeal is important for Brooke

Design appeal

Aesthetics are important in Brooke’s line of work, and that extends to the business tools she uses.

“I appreciate how good MYOB makes me look to my clients, my mentors, and my accountant.”

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