Brooke Meredith on her journey
from model to magazine mogul

The low-down on Brooke

  • Model with a passion for wellness
  • Founded her own luxury lifestyle publication
  • Attracts large and loyal international following
  • Loves that MYOB saves her time 

Advocating health, wellness and automation with MYOB

Brooke Meredith styles a model

Model. Designer. Nutritionist. Brooke Meredith has fit a lot into a short space of time.

So, how did she do it and where is her journey headed next?

Hi, Brooke. For those that don’t know, can you tell us about your business?

I’m Brooke Meredith, the founder and Editor in Chief of luxury lifestyle publication, A Conscious Collection

Great name, what was behind it?

Thank you! It’s really an accumulation of all my loves – design, modelling, fashion and wellness.

Let’s go back to the start, what gave you the idea for the publication?

After training in Graphic Design, I was modelling overseas, and the lifestyle was causing major health changes. So, I turned to a naturopath for help.

"A consious collection is an accumulation of all my loves."

That was a turning point, wasn’t it?

Absolutely. Not only did I change my eating habits, I opened my eyes to a wonderful world of whole foods and holistic healing. 

So, I enrolled in a nutrition course and started sharing recipes online.

Lots of business owners we chat with, talk about seeing a gap in the market. You did too, didn’t you?

Yes, I did! The response I got from sharing my recipes online was a real lightbulb moment.

It made me see there was demand for a publication that advocates wellness and health – and that I had the knowledge and skills to build one.

"I saw there was demand for a publication advocating wellness and health."

Brooke creates a breakfast shoot for her magazine
Brooke puts her thoughts from pen to paper
How long before you turned dream into reality?

I literally went to a café, I scribbled out all of my notes and within the month I’d created my first publication.

It’s been amazing, to think that A Conscious Collection is getting the exposure I’ve had is very humbling.

With such a busy schedule, how does MYOB help you fit the accounting in?

Having MYOB in place keeps things consistent and takes away the things I don’t have time to do – like data entry.

And because it’s all online, I can I can jump in and see where I’m at when I need to. Business doesn’t stop just because I’m not in the office every day.”

"I realised I had the knowledge and skills to build one."

Better than messy spreadsheets?

No doubt. The dashboards give you an easy view of everything and I feel much more on top of things.

What’s next for you?

Well, for me it’s about ensuring A Conscious Collection is a platform.

As well as online, we distribute an elegant print publication, and I plan to extend into wellness retreats under the brand in the near future.

"To think my publication is getting the exposure it’s had is very humbling."

Brooke reviews her weekly sales report

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