Adam Dovile on his move from chippy to empire builder

Adam Dovile’s life was transformed by House Rules, the Channel 7 renovation TV show Adam and his wife, Lisa won in 2014. “Lisa applied without actually telling me,” he laughs. Life would return to normal she promised. Fast forward to today and the duo are still waiting!

Adam is now a Logie-winning presenter on Better Homes and Gardens, as well as touring Australia running DIY workshops for Bunnings Warehouse.

But Adam has always been a builder first and foremost. Building has always been his passion, ever since picking up the tools to build his own music studio below his parents’ home as a teenager.

“I was lucky enough to have a Carpenter, who lived over the road help me,” says Adam. “I loved it and set about going for my pre-apprenticeship because I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible before stepping on-site.”

Upon qualifying as a chippy, Adam worked for two great bosses before going out on own with ASD Constructions. “I was never gonna work for the man,” laughs Adam.

“I was never gonna work for the man!”

Running a business alongside his media commitments has been a massive eye opener. “Bookwork is constant, which is something no-one tells you. Now, I don’t know any tradie that likes the admin – we hate it. But you’ve gotta get on top of it.”

Which is why Adam uses MYOB. “All my tradesmen invoice with MYOB, and after speaking with my bookkeeper and doing a bit of research, they had the best tools for me too,” Dovile says.

The reason why, he says is that MYOB makes things easy.

“I liken doing the books to being on the worksite. If it’s a mess, the job’s chaotic. You’ve got invoices going out, receipts coming in and it can be hard to keep track of everything.

“I don’t know any tradie that likes the admin.”

“Having a system like MYOB, you open it and everything’s there in front of you in one spot, which makes things less stressful when I’m getting ready for the taxman.”

And that’s true whether I’m on site, on the road doing my workshops, or filming Better Homes and Gardens.”

Of course, with lots of tradies and suppliers relying on him, Adam also needs to ensure he gets his invoices paid on time. “Before MYOB, I was putting a lot of energy into keeping my guys happy, and maybe not so much into money coming in the business,” he explains.

Now Adam sends online invoices directly with MYOB, complete with automatic reminders when payments are due. “There’s only so much you can concentrate on when you’re running a business. It’s great that little invoice feature does the chasing for me,” Adam laughs.

“A system like MYOB makes it easy.”

With MYOB in place, Adam can run his books the way he runs his jobs – with confidence, consistency and a clear view of the end goal.

“I want to live a simple life, keep building, doing what I love and teach punters some DIY tricks along the way. MYOB gives me confidence I can do that.”

What Adam loves about MYOB


Smarter invoicing

Adam’s tradies all use MYOB, and he quickly realised why.

“If I send an invoice and it isn’t paid in 7 days, the system sends a reminder.”

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Cash flow on the go

Like many business owners, Adam is always traveling between projects.

“Having access to accurate data in real time is essential for planning out projects.”

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Tax time

Less taxing

Good reporting is essential to everyone, but especially when you run your own small business.

“Running a building company, you have to report all payments you’ve made to tradesmen. Now that’s taken care of, it’s a weight off my mind.”

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