Generation Upskill: Gen Y thirst for knowledge fuels career flex

16 Mar 2020

More than two thirds (68%) of Gen Y Aussies plan to update their skills in the next five to 10 years, according to fresh findings from MYOB.

Generation Y, currently aged between 25-39, is more likely to update their skills than older generations, with the national average sitting at 49%. Women are more likely to seek a skill upgrade at 58%, compared to men at 44%. Younger generations are also more likely to prepare a development plan, with Gen Y at 51% compared to 35% of Gen X and 30% of Baby Boomers.

MYOB’s Head of Organisational Development, Lauren Trethowan, said the research reflects Gen Y’s propensity to change careers, with three quarters of under 40s ready to leave a job within two years. The challenge for businesses is how to retain talent and offer opportunities to grow.

“One way to keep good people is offering options for employees to inspire career diversity. Career paths are not linear anymore and we expect to see much more sideways movement across functions and divisions in the future of work,” Ms. Trethowan said.

MYOB has introduced a Flex Learn program, the next phase of the ‘flexperience’ offered to employees. MYOB employees can leverage LinkedIn Learning to access a vast library of courses on their desktop at work or on their mobile devices on the go. These have been especially created around skills of the future and are designed to either build on existing knowledge or allow employees to try new things.

“It’s expected that particularly younger generations will continually upgrade their skills so they can take on different career paths and learning journeys over the course of their working life.”

“We encourage people to look to the elements they love in their job and the skills they enjoy using, then look at other careers these might work in. That might mean a sideways shift.”

Since launching in October more than 25,000 learning modules have been completed across MYOB, and the program has been well received across the business.

Amelia Travers, Associate Developer at MYOB, has taken the opportunity to build on her technical skills via LinkedIn Learning, as well as taking courses to learn new digital art skills.

“I commute from a regional area a few days each week and download videos and podcasts to my phone for the train trip. Having access to free courses means I can take more risks with what I try,” she said.

“I’m not sure what my next career move will be, but with flexible learning I can dip my toe in to get an idea of what other roles entail.”




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