I CAN with MYOB helps train tech-savvy bookkeepers of tomorrow

17 Aug 2017

Bookkeeping is going through a re-brand with the launch of I CAN with MYOB, an education program broadening the profession to people of a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds.

The program has a focus on retraining mature jobseekers, return to work parents and people who have suffered disadvantage and difficulty gaining training or employment.

I CAN with MYOB provides the digital skills to kick start a dynamic career in bookkeeping and ensure the students are not left behind by the digital economy.

A partnership between MYOB, Infoxchange, and Monarch Institute, I CAN with MYOB is a bookkeeping training course that provides a clear pathway into a new career. It includes industry-specific professional coaching, resulting in increased employment opportunities in the digital world.

Head of Partnerships Simon Dennis said MYOB was proud of the program and diversity of participants hoping to transition into the bookkeeping industry.

“The I CAN with MYOB program is a really exciting initiative as it opens the doors for people who may not have previously had the chance to pursue a career in this industry. We have people ranging from their mid-20s right through to their 60s, and from a range of cultural backgrounds,” Mr Dennis said.

“We want to ensure the next generation of bookkeepers is equipped with the knowledge and skills required to not only find employment upon completion of the course, but thrive in the fast-evolving accounting industry.”

Infoxchange CEO David Spriggs said the program provided a unique opportunity to transition into a bookkeeping career.

“The three partners behind I CAN with MYOB share a vision to provide employment, learning and business opportunities to those facing disadvantage in our society,” Mr Spriggs said.

“This program aims to bridge the technology divide that further compounds this disadvantage.”

Monarch Institute's COO Nick Chapman said the Institute was pleased to be involved in such a worthwhile program assisting individuals move into a new career in bookkeeping. 

“As one of Australia's leading providers of Bookkeeping and Accounting qualifications, Monarch Institute is well placed to equip the motivated candidates in the I CAN with MYOB program with all the necessary skills and knowledge to secure a rewarding career in the bookkeeping industry.”

"We're thrilled to be partnering with MYOB and Infoxchange, who are also industry leaders in their respective spaces, to deliver life-changing outcomes for the candidates as they begin their journeys into the bookkeeping space" Mr Chapman said.

As part of the program, participants received a student membership to and mentorship throughout the program from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). ICB CEO Matthew Addison said it was proud to be involved in the initiative.

“The ICB’s vision is Bookkeepers, helping Bookkeepers, Helping Business – and the ICAN with MYOB Program aligns well with our vision. As recipients of our Student Membership, the ICAN with MYOB students will have access to numerous resources and support to assist with their learning over the coming 12 months,” Mr Addison said.

I CAN with MYOB runs for 12 months full time, but the number of contact hours can be arranged according to personal circumstances and learning style.


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