MYOB commits to futureproofing the next generation of workers.

10 Nov 2016

Company signs host of innovative sponsorships as part of ongoing support of technology, business and innovation sectors

MYOB has officially partnered with a number of leading organisations and educational institutions to help boost entrepreneurship and futureproof the next generation of workers.

According to the Foundation of Young Australians, over 50 percent of jobs in the next 10 – 15 years will require significant digital skills, yet many of these skills are not currently being taught in schools.

To help combat this potential skill gap, MYOB has partnered with Wade Institute and I-Manifest to support and nurture student learning in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

In a Melbourne first, and in collaboration with University of Melbourne and Ormond College, Wade Institute now offers a Master of Entrepreneurship to create and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. MYOB has committed to an annual scholarship within a three-year commitment from 2017 – 2019, and a subscription to MYOB Essentials for current students and graduation entrepreneurs to use within their first year of business.

MYOB has also partnered with I-Manifest, a NGO that uses creativity to empower youth to find their passion and live their purpose. It offers a suite of learning programs that are co-created with their expert partners to close gaps in both skills and knowledge between generations, transforming the journey for students from school to the new world of work. Whilst Wade Institute targets university students, I-Manifest targets high school students in an effort to bring these skillsets to young Australians as early as possible.

“Wade Institute and I-Manifest are two fantastic organisations that support and future-proof the next generation of thinkers. Whether these students ultimately become business owners or not, they still need critical enterprise skills to ensure they are prepared for the economy of the future,” says Natalie Feehan, General Manager of Marketing MYOB.

“As a technology leader, we really want to invest in these young people and enable them to be digitally-literate, progressive and agile. This way, they will have the confidence and skills to navigate complex careers of the future, many of which don’t exist yet. We’re proud to support this initiative and excited to work with Wade Institute and I-Manifest to back today’s youth.”

These partnerships are in addition to MYOB’s existing involvement with SheStarts and BBC as part of a wider partnership program. MYOB is committed to helping businesses succeed and part of this mission is to help overcome the obstacles to success. MYOB has partnered with SheStarts to support female leadership in innovation. The $1 million program gives ten promising entrepreneurs seed funding to bring their ideas to fruition and turbo-charge leadership for women in tech.

MYOB is also a supporting sponsor for the BBC World-Changing Ideas Summit, and has developed a robot that will be moving around the venue livestreaming the day. The event takes place 15th November.

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