MYOB supports new ‘wantrepreneur’ start-up program

13 Mar 2013

Corporate to Freedom boot camp seminar SYDNEY, 4 May 2013

Start-up accelerator program Corporate to Freedom has gained the support of MYOB of its Pilot Kickstarter program, to help aspiring entrepreneurs realise their business dream without sacrificing their full time job.

Corporate to Freedom was founded by successful entrepreneur Johan du Plessis, who said the MYOB Pilot Kickstarter program was a new initiative to help aspiring entrepreneurs join the entrepreneurial revolution by making the transition from corporate day job to owning a successful business.

“There are a growing number of smart, successful corporate superstars out there who dream of more than the nine to five but reality stops them from walking out the door and achieving their dream of starting their own business. These ‘wantrepreneurs’ have mortgages and families to think of,” du Plessis said.

Wantrepreneurs might find their dream is more accessible than they thought. Sydney’s top entrepreneurs have joined forces to put together a coaching and accelerator program specifically for people in corporate day jobs who aspire to taking the next step by creating their own business, but don’t know where to start.

Du Plessis said, “There has never been a better time to start a business, but risk is still one of the biggest considerations. That’s why this course strongly advocates for the lower- risk approach.

“It’s much more realistic to stay in your day job for now, join a program where experienced entrepreneurs show you how to get started, test and experiment with some ideas while you still have the safety-net of a regular salary.

“Once you have tested a few ideas, found something that resonates with customers, and made a bit of money, then you can start to look at slowly scaling back time in your workplace and spending more time in your business,” du Plessis said.

MYOB, Australia’s largest business management solutions provider, is supporting the program as part of its ongoing commitment and dedication to help start-up businesses succeed. The technology company is providing graduates of the Pilot Kickstarter program with six months’ access to MYOB LiveAccounts, an easy-to-use online accounting solution that has been developed with start-ups, sole traders and smaller business owners in mind.

MYOB CEO and start-up advocate Tim Reed said the Pilot Kickstarter program will provide solid assistance in educating and supporting today’s budding entrepreneur. These programs can help improve the shocking insolvency rate of new businesses, which he said hit record levels last year.

“We know it takes guts to start and run a business, and the rising rate of insolvency shows how much encouragement today’s potential entrepreneur needs to move a business idea into reality. The Corporate to Freedom program combined with the right tools and resources, such as online accounting software, can certainly help. For example, our LiveAccounts solution helps business owners keep on top of their finances, giving them more time to spend on building the business or enjoying life outside it.”

Corporate to Freedom will be running a one day start- up boot camp in Sydney on 4th May, where Johan du Plessis and a team of Australia’s top start-up experts will take corporate superstars through the steps to entrepreneurial freedom. For more information, head to

MYOB LiveAccounts is an online accounting solution for start-ups, solo operators and smaller businesses. This browser-based solution has no limit on the number of invoices, transactions or employees registered, and costs less than $1 a day.

Corporate to Freedom (C2F) is a new initiative that helps aspiring entrepreneurs join the entrepreneurial revolution by making a seamless transition from corporate life to running their own successful business. The initiative is run by a group of passionate entrepreneurs who have all started business worth over $1m before – they’ve made the mistakes and have the scars to show for it. C2F is a series of programs aimed at busy people in corporate day jobs, where experienced entrepreneurs take you through structured hands-on programs.

The initiative was started by Johan du Plessis, a self-confessed ‘start-up fanatic’ with extensive experience in running start-up companies, raising capital and product development. He has built up a strong team of experienced entrepreneurs and business advisers, who will together present a one day start-up bootcamp on Saturday 4 May 2013 in Sydney; which they promise will be Australia’s most powerful boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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